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Three steps to install and run SketchCut PRO for Windows:

1. Download the installation package and install the application


2. Buy and get a License Key

Click the "Buy" button - you will be taken to the payment page. Choose a payment method and enter payment information.


After the payment is processed, it usually takes a couple of minutes, you will receive an email with a License Key.


Please use the key only for activation SketchCut PRO.

Don't activate SketchCut Lite.


Please do not delete this email - the app may ask you to enter the License Key again.



Important!!! Enter a valid e-mail address - the License Key will be sent to this address. Also, this address will be saved in the order management system and can be used to restore the License Keys.

3. Launch SketchCut PRO and enter the License Key. It's done.

If you have any difficulties with the purchase of the application - please email us:

Price for 1 PC:



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